Until We Are Great

Until we can live without fear of persecution

From the color of our skin

Or the accent with which we speak

Or what other country we’ve lived in


Until Social Justice is universal

And accepted by all

Regardless of legislation

That seems just a suggestion to us all


Until I can drive safely in my car at night

Without fear of any profiling

Without fear of his loaded weapon

Without fear of what he might see


Until Social Injustice and Inequality

Is ripped from the book of our country’s seams

America will remain a good country

But not as great as it may seem


So that I must walk with my head

In that long sleeved hoodie they fear

To mask my fear, my color,

And the profile that weighs over the heads of others


I want to stand tall against injustice

But it only gives them a bigger body to shoot down

Add to the pile of bodies who’ve died

For a cause that was “guaranteed” to us in over 50 years ago


But if my body on the ground without breath

Is what it takes to ease my brother’s distress

Then this is the thought that takes my fear

And turns it into pride for our masses

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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