Until then this is just a rhyme

Missing you often feeling blue

These emotions are like shocks dude 

I'm feeling all these weird sensations 


I really wish i had a basement

That way there's somewhere to escape to.


Sometimes I wish I had some feelings

Of like a cool outer space bein


That way I wouldn't be seeing 

Other things people aren't perceiving

I swear i'm not trying to be deceiving


Im shaking and flying

Swearing and lying

Crying and sighing

About all the evil around me


It's a state of being I can't escape

It seems like a common fate

Like being late, missing bae

Trying to fight someone who's not your weight


Can't escape my ceilings

No, i meant my feelings 

I swear its what im seeing

Are my eyes fucking bleeding?

In one ear out the other

Something like that one

the other


Blue forever

Raining feathers 

Real I don’t have time for 

Crime is not a sponsor 

Love is not a dime 

This is Something for another time

Until then this is just a rhyme 


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