Until the pain goes away.

Today was a good day.
I took a walk outside and it started to rain.
A sudden smile found my lips.
I skipped a step on my three step front porch.
A random text from him and it made my day.
It's not like my day wasn't already made,
but anyway.
I got a cat, she's a missy.
She's got two, but she's not easy.
She's got a name, miss kitty.
She's got these big golden eyes that made my day.
 but anyway.
The day goes by, and i'm restless.
I want to party and it's best if you let this.
Can someone get me a drink.
Please with no delay.
Maybe half to one hour.
The night is young so lets forget every hour.
Lets take a deep breath in and go all the way.
Tonight is a highway.
Can't you feel the rush through yourself.
The breeze feels so great.
If not then your in the wrong lane.
Don't be afraid to ride beside me.
It won't be too long i promise.
I can see the exit sign from here.


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