Word to the Wise:

You can build a palace of lies using grains of the truth but you can never deny a sandcastle's destiny to be washed away. We're all subject to the waves when they roll in, we're all subject to the whims of our heart when the winds get turbulent.

I thought I was in love. I used to think through my feelings; now I feel through reason - every other action dictated by careful planning.

The grass may be greener on the other side but love is blind and can't take that into account. I'm taking everything out of my account - anything and everything that I've invested into being happy has gone to ruin.

And I'm next, my eyes pierced by illusion and narcotics tattooed to the inside of my veins.

My palace is not a home. My castle's falling to ruin; I know it took more than a day to build Rome, but Troy fell in a single night.

Lucifer fell tonight. Gravity has claimed another victory in its name, my walls have come down around me, and now, I'm subject to the waves when the winds get turbulent.

And this is just the calm before the storm.



I love the line "palace of lies built on grains of truth," I adore this line because the double side of the coin for this phrase just makes it all the more romantically poetic in my eyes. It brings someone in and captures them from the very beginning. This poem is a very powerful piece and certainly one to remember. It's stanzas and rhythm worked seamlessly together. Thank you so much for sending this in.


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