The Untied States of America


Welcome to America!

Where the image of women being depicted in submission

Is easily found in magazines and search engines.

The mask put on comes off before the morning,

But beautiful girls continue to yield to the monster,

That's supposed to stay hidden underneath layers of fake up.

That make up can't make up for an empty bottle with a hollow soul.

Many gorgeous women still uncover satisfaction

Through other people's looks so every single day's a show.

Welcome to America!

The land of the free where we pay celebrities to depict reality within our tv screens,

While people in poverty are much more free because they're valuing every moment seen with their families.

Welcome to America!

Home of the long winded,

Where the argumentative aren't gently ushered to an exit.

But instead of rejection they suffer a threat more deadly:

Encouraging peers to obscure logic until drawn weapons

Are present.

Welcome to America!

Where adolescence is defined different

Based upon your age and your gender.

But they say while you're young

Live your life to the fullest extent.

So I guess our capacity for happiness peaks

At being dead, in jail, a drop out or pregnant.

Welcome to America!

Where the definition of a good life is based on disposable capital

So corporate battles are often fought and as a result,

Everyone involved is haunted by their endeavors shadows

Welcome to America!

Where freedom is free as long as your ethnicity is the same color as winter precipitation falling on evergreens.

This is the land of opportunity as long as you ain't doomed to be born into a family that ain't from this country.

Welcome to America!

Where suicide's illegal.

Our government's lying to people.

Allowing cigarettes to be sold;

Death over a longer period of time is still death

Just as lethal.

Welcome to the States! this ain't nothin new to the people

But the truth will leave em sore like an American Eagle


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