Their eyes, I can't seem to shake. Their eyes, they look with beauty and grace. Those smiles, that delicate innocence. That desperation, you can feel from a distance. The warmth of a heart. Always expecting a beat, an unexplainable heat, never expecting defeat. At least not that young. They danced and they sang, as if nothing were wrong. But behind the smiles and the glistening eyes, is where the story truly lies. Maybe going back to a home. Trained to ignore the pain, they feel when they're alone. Now each story's different, don't get me wrong. But when a baby grabs your hand, could you really let go? Looking into her eyes, saying you love her. But becoming just another. A person, one that comes and goes. Saying things you truly mean, but she may never know, because you're just another soul. One who let her go. I want her with me. I want to hold her tight, and let her know everything will be alright. Because even though I can't provide for her, God loves her. He watches over her. But sometimes I stress, because people can be a mess. Their free will can hurt, because we all know evil lurks. But I pray, that one day, things may not be this way. If I could change your world for you, it would be the first thing I'd do. So little angels, I hope that you sleep well tonight. So that when I think of where I left my heart, I'll know it's not being torn apart, by the lack of a cure, every fear, and every tear, that those innocent eyes cry. Those eyes; the ones I just can't seem to shake.



Nice beautiful!!! 


This is a really passionate poem- good job 


I like this one!


Great poem seriously heartfelt


Really beautiful, keep up the great work.

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