The Unseen

I was childish,

Now I have changed,

Though not permanently.

People change every day.

We are forever changing and adapting.

Every day is a day that we might make mistakes.

However, it is also every day that we might learn from them.

We’re not crazy if we change.

We’re crazy if we don’t.

Society is changing,

The world is changing,

And so should we.

Many have learned this the hard way.


I too have learned this the hard way.

I think back on who I once was,

Knowing that in a few years,

Or in a few days,

I will be doing the same thing again.

Every day that I have been alive,

Is another day that I have changed.

Essentially, I have changed a lot.

I have become a dreamer,

Even more so than when I was younger.


I became the person I am today through many experiences.

The good and the bad.

I have made some mistakes,

But I have also learned from those mistakes.

I am the person that I am today because of my family,

My thoughts,

And my perception of society.

I am “me” because of my experiences in life,

And my experiences are what shaped me.

And they will continue to do so.


Today I am prudent.

What will I be tomorrow?

The answer to that question remains to be unseen.


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