Unrequited Desperate Delusion pt.2

Sat, 07/18/2020 - 22:01 -- Tal543

I feel it;

It's within my reach,

you are within my reach,

I reach out to you and I feel you closer to me-

Just within reach,

It feels like I am closer to you;

I can almost feel your smooth skin,

I can almost taste your lips,

and oh how my whole body reacts to your nearness,

Just within reach;

I open my eyes and I can almost see you smiling at me,

I can almost see that twinkle in your eyes,

I can almost feel the vibration of your voice when you say my name,

I can almost breathe you in like an inhalant;

like the most potent and effective drug man ever made;

I can almost feel your humid breath on me,

I can almost feel you pull me closer to you,

I can feel your hands holding me,

I can feel your nose tickle me as you nuzzle closer

you say it's all you've ever wanted

I can almost feel the lines in your hands,

and the hair on your arms,

and your finger nails dancing across my skin,

I can almost feel your lashes flit closed,

and the sound you make when you lick your lips-

ready to spoil me with kisses

In my lazy slumber I inch closer,

and I fall off the bed.






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