Unrealistic Expectations


United States
48° 9' 57.1932" N, 116° 45' 28.368" W

Realistically, I was fine.
On paper, everything was more than alright.
I worked hard,
and I technically was a big part of all the great things.
I always wanted-- want--more.
Man, isn't that the American way.
Trying to plaster the smiles, the facade, is such a chore.
They say it doesn't matter, WE'RE here.
I don't think being loved back is too much too ask.
They say I'm lucky,
But all I can see is tails up.

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Unanimous Anonymous

you can be assured that someone loves you, but the biggest problem with love is that while it is an eye opener to some, it is a blinder to others, open their eyes.

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