This Is Unreal

This is unreal. As if she is here, I still do feel; this is unreal.

I do sometimes forget and the tears they do fall; and I admit.... this is unreal.

On the day of, I sat right in front of, and there she lay, on her great day. This is unreal.

Upon seeing her, the tears fell without any knowing, for I could not help. This is unreal.

I tried to blink them back, be strong, don't cry. But upon seeing her, the tears did slide. This is unreal.

I've accepted that, to a better place she has gone. This is unreal.

Her wings, she does now have. I bet she flies high, but not too high for she is still in my heart.

This is unreal, but it is also reality. 

Gone but not forgotten.........


This poem is about: 
My family
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