The Unquestionable


United States

The great pain, the unbearable doubt,

and rejection you feel once you lost it all.

When all hope seems to be long gone, I  look up to the sky and ask

to my self the unquestionable.


What to others seemed to be unquestionable and unspeakable

seemed so right to me.

How did I get to this point I wonder.

Maybe the rejection and fear of losing it all, perhaps.

Maybe the loneliness and empty plans.


The only reason I find to be asking the unquestionable since it 

is the one killing me inside, slowly and painfully.

Then just ask once again to  myself if we are indenial to be

questioning the unquestionable or was it that we where taught to be

silent as the obedient slave.


 The moonlight shining tonight, is dim as the spark of joy I feel

tonight as I ask about the unquestionable.


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