The unpoken turth

These fear that’s so deep down below
I tried to easing all the memories
For someone reason it seen to always carry
Tears of anger you promise me
You won’t do it aging beat me aging
It’s hurt so bad this pain of dark cloud shadow my head
How could you do it you said it was a mistake
Mistake don’t keep going on and on
Then I start it to believe maybe this I made you do this It crazy I was only
I still can vision your big hands across my face
Hitting me with anything you can find shoes, wire hangers and even your size 12 foot
The one thing I can fathom was the fact you beat me with the meal hand of big scissors The one the use at school
I was only six I can still remember
I try not to be so angry
Maybe this is why im so angry
The first love I knew was this I received
Love don’t suppose to feel like this
I wish it could go away but this is my deepest fear


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