An Unpixilated Doll

Sat, 12/06/2014 - 18:49 -- acisoj
Smooth skin,
Thin waist,
This is who I want to be.
Crop the image,
Add a filter,
And there it is; the new me.
See the smile?
See the hapiness?
I'm happy finally feeling free.
No insecurities,
No blemishes,
Just a pixilated doll, you see?
But is this really me?
Before the cropping,
Before the filter,
That is the me I hide.
Society judges,
Society speaks,
And peoples' morals have died.
Now we fear what others might say,
And we fear our own personality.
Our looks,
Our imperfections,
We are scared to bear it to our twisted society.
So I know, that pixilated doll, is far from the real me.
Without the cropping,
Without the creative quote,
Without the filter,
I am a doll without the make-up coat.
I have blemishes,
I have weight,
I am far from perfect as you see.
But what else do I have?
I have a smile
I have a heart
I am caring as can be.
I am unique,
I am accepting,
And I am, me.


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