The Unofficial Roommate

People say that smart isn’t cool

I don’t care, but, well, I’m not cool

I’m the girl that sits in the front

Drains all the knowledge I have on the page

Feeds, like a succubus, on the information of those around me

I weigh the thoughts of ancients and generals

Like precious coins of gold and silver

Clasped in the velvet teachings of wisdom

But I’ve been mugged of the wonder

That which held this wealth safe

And forced into silence

Lest I be forgotten

Or, rather worse,

In full attention of my peers

My judges

My jury

I lost that glimmer of hope

That ideal spark that glistened

In the darkness that was myself

When I hear their lies as truth

But in the depths of bleak moonless nights

A star began to shine

In this quivering web, I was caught

A limb was extended

To save me

I’ve been given silence

From the burning of my mind

Which screams and pounds until I’m blind

Gives new vision to these sightless eyes

Which were filled with nothing but mistakes of the past

Bandaged the wounds

That so many had left to seep

As I string my wrists with steel bracelets

Embellished with crimson beads

Allowed me to begin making my mark on this world

Instead of myself

I now have a house

A home

Full of others like me

Giving strength where each had none

Engineering with their shattered memories

A mosaic of beauty to give life adoration

In major moments, to have bonded so close

In minor seconds, to learn to care

When no one would draw nearer

And no apathy could have resounded more

Than that which I drew in with every breath

Till holding in stale atmosphere seemed better

Than knowing the hatred for each pump of lungs

Each beat of a heart

When the key to my shackles is dangled iin front of me

Held by the strings of morals I keeps

And dare not sever for lacking their ties to my past

So there I sat last night with lack of fear

No cares were sought in those surroundings

And intelligence was celebrated

Were disease isn’t glorified

And unofficial roommates are welcomed.


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