Unnatural Love

Come with me my friend

to a place where chimneys stack & stretch high

against an expansive black sky


Where three-legged laboradors run free

through the busy wild streets

and dreams grow like mustard and roses

in and between stony foot-trails


I'll hold your hand as we gaze

upon yards glittering with glass

shining in fragments like the hopes

of a toiling human class


We'll have our own paradise-- you and I,

And I'll gaze into your squinting eye

as a million watts of light

burn like our passion in the bright and starless night.


I shall caress your face as we sustain our embrace

with only oil and carborator fluid 

between our one self

and a man-made earth.


and when we dip in a warm sewage bath

we will only hear our laughs and the splash of a babling canal

You will be my only. Forever.

My lover and closest gal.


We can peer down from landfills

miles above a forgotten world

on a world that was taken by storm

until intelligence was purged and PROGRESS was hurled


Then when we unlock the secrets 

of the crows and ducks and bees

You'll understand my mantra:

"Our world, it needs not trees"



finding freedom

I was inspired by Joy Williams, T.S. Eliot, and Kurt Vonnegut.

In several of the works I've recently read, I found a sense of emptiness at the hands of an ingnorant world. This feeling has become anger inside of me, that I only JUST let out as a poem. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed purging my feelings.

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