Mon, 11/06/2017 - 20:27 -- keersen

Everyone who has ever done a kind deed for us,

spoken one word of encouragement to us,

or simply believed in us,

has entered into the makeup of our character,

as well as our success

And through our everyday choices

including those we choose to surround us

and the experiences we choose to embark on

we create ourselves.


It all begins with a thought

a thought that plants a seed

a seed that results in a action

much like planting a flower


If a sunflower seed is well cared for

it will grow bearing sunflowers

an act of kindness bears the capactity to create many results

and whether an action is positive or negative 

or whether the seed will grow or not

is dependent on the nature of the thought


We must then choose to unlock the potential of those we love

much like a key does for a lock

The ragged edges of the key suit the equal but opposite edges of the lock 

The lock is not perfect and neither is the key 

but nothing is more perfect than a key for a lock

unlocking potenital and respecting what is inside

the key unlocks

vulnerable yet safe after its baggage has shown

the lock 

supported and protected by the key's ablity to keep secrets and dark truths

there are no secrets between the key nor the lock 




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