The Unkown Love


United States
32° 12' 53.1072" N, 95° 12' 58.4208" W

To her he was a memory
Someone who had captured her heart
Loved it had it in the palm of his hand
The same hands that held her,
had been used to hurt another

She loved him anyway
Lost sould finding eachither in the dark
They both knew their love could not be
When they said goodbye for the last time he held her close,
While the tears finally fell
And whispered "I love you"
He responded "I know"

The girl was broken, the boy was lost without his other half
The girl said good bye to all the things she knew so well,
her friends her family, her roses and the world that she had yet to explore
And kissed this life goodbye.

The boy was greif stricken, he could not live without knowing she was alive and happy,
but laying alone in the cold ground.
To him life was not worth living anymore
In the woods under the tree where they had spent so many nights together
he took his own life to join her on the other side

Finally they could be together forever.


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