Unknown Feeling


United States
32° 33' 19.5768" N, 84° 49' 31.836" W

Its just the mere discrepancy of realizing what is happening around me
The dark pages that start unfolding from the past
Constantly reminding me of before
Hurt cutting through me as tears slowly dwell from my eyes
At the moment it seems that the pain is unbearable
Feeling as if there is no end to the beginning of such sorrow
Not only I that experience such things but everyone else around me
As if the light at the end of this dark, cold tunnel gets so dim then vanishes
Then I realize that I am stronger then expected
I have gone through TOO MUCH in my life to fall at defeat
I am where I am at because of my humbleness and hunger for THE BEST
We all have this fight in us
The fight to move forward and dodge such obstacles that take down the weak of humanity
Such ones that fail at life, that have just fallen and cant remember how to get back up
They forget the main purpose of heavenly grace and forget how to kneel and press their hands together and pray
Some even think its the opposite sex that they must have so they can accomplish anything of value
These are all pointless thoughts and wants
Deep in your heart and soul you know the main means of your success
To have these extra things that bring happiness or costly and filled with trickery
They come along with such drama or hassles
Believe and self, have self confidence.
Find inspiration
My future is going to be bright no matter the dark places from before.
I will not stop until I can sit down and say, I DID IT.


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