Tue, 09/24/2013 - 17:29 -- StefMF

i felt so cold.

nothing and no one was able to help.

i only wished that you where there.

with me in my time of need. 

if you cared then i would have seen you there,

but no it was all in my head.

i never saw you, but i thought.

but no never there.

you never were there!

not knowing how bad i wanted to touch,feel,and

hear your heart beat next to my heart.

beating back and forth,

as we hold on to one anther.

beating together as if they were ment to be.

like the rain hiting the green grass in my back

yeard because of gravity.

but also because its ment to be that way.

things fall down and make there way back up.

no matter how high.

some way everything will fall into the same cold darkness i 

fell into lastnight. 

hope you don't fall cause i'll never catch you.

it was so dark!


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