Is it okay to be 


in a world where

each person is a 


of someone else? 


Individuality is not 

an original equation from a single person, 

but an 

amalgamation of all variables even barely mentioned. 


The definition of originality

is freedom, 

not allowed by elected superiors

or fought for with valor and courage, 

nor a creation of the mind,

nor a physical contribution from higher beings,


but originality is 

a stolen 

and inspired


of mimicry 

that stems from every object and action existing, 


and that is what makes yourself so beautiful — 

not because

you are the primary version of yourself,

but because

you are forged from every thing 

that ever was and is and ever will be —  


that is not to say that

you exist because others exist, 

but to say that 

others exist because you exist;



a single being constituted of every other single being in the complexity of the universe, 

are the base of all other beings. 



are the


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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