The Universe

Sun, 03/06/2016 - 00:40 -- Yakeen

In your colorful irises,

The universe resides…


This gigantic beauty that encapsulates our existence

That that gives us feelings of timidness and distance,

Is veiling its beauty with mystery

In shame of our misery

Our ignorance that’s bitterly

Blinded s from realizing the penetrability of the veil

Our egocentricity’s pathetic and vulnerable

Too weak to see the complications

To decipher the constellations

Woven delicately,


Strings to quarks to photons,

And the chain constantly goes on

Far until

These very little things

Form a universe, too big

Too colorful,

Too beautiful for us to absorb

Too complex to comprehend

For the universe, my friend,

Resembles our being

For it has started from a mass

Negligibly small

A mass that erupted like a heap of straws

Awaiting an ignition

Driven with inevitable ambition

Refusing mere submission

Growing and expanding

Challenging any limits

Colorfully, like an art exhibition

But we ought to not forget,

That this masterpiece of divinity

Slowly wares

And so do we,

We are aware.

We leave our stars and fade away

As our skin wrinkles

And our hairs grey

We gradually pave our way

To our big crunch,

And so does the universe. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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