Universal Love For All



I like men

preferably with a six pack

and not the kind you keep in the fridge

but, why should everyone have to want the same as me

how boring would the world be

if everyone was forced into the same commonplace lives

man, woman, 2.5 kids

as if we were all clones who shared the same destiny

broaden your horizons

embrace the dreams of others with open arms

if you’re a dude and your best bud likes men, why hate him?

he’s done you a favor

I mean it just leaves more girls for you

picture this

boy and girl walking down the street

hand in hand

love in their eyes

cute right?

what if it was a boy and a boy

or a girl and a girl

the reaction changes to laughter

names are called out, intending to sting

but why?

why shoot down the dreams of people who only want the same as you or me

they only want to be loved

want to spend the rest of their lives with the person whose company they enjoy most

who are we to take away their fundamental rights to happiness?

being gay doesn’t make a person sick,

break their bones,

blacken their eyes,

it doesn’t make them monsters

the monsters are the people discriminating

because they are scared to accept anything different

everyone that doesn’t fit our cookie cutter mold is cast aside

to be accepted you have to color between the lines

the fact that someone is gay does not harm anyone

wars do not break out,

children do not starve,

innocent families are not thrown out onto the streets,

not because gay people exist

not because two women hold hands in the movie theater

not because two men get married

when a gay baby is born the world does not become any less magnificent

let me put this in a language everyone can understand

gay has a negative connotation

stupid, idiotic, dumb, queer, moronic

not supporting gay men and women,

THAT is gay

If I could change one thing,

just one thing

I would make it OK for anyone,






to love whomever their heart calls out to and yearns for

whoever they need




I would make love a marriage a universal right guaranteed to all.



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