Unity in Diversity

Fri, 01/03/2020 - 08:12 -- Jsmolic

Unity in Diversity


Rampantly ruling the modern world.





Countless wars waged on misconceptions and prejudices.

Jihads and Schisms.

Segregation and Apartheid.

A hammer of miscommunication hits the chisel of hate.

Slowly breaking the rock of society.

Two worlds, separated by a lack of knowledge.

A link.

A common language.

A common ancestor.

A bond.

Two tongues, gracefully performing a tango on the battleground.

The Orient and Occident.

North and South.

A new world is opened with every tongue acquired.

A new portal created with every alliance.

A similarity between opposites.

A cadence of silence and breaks.

Mutual pensivity.

A blend of old and new.

Two souls liberated through a common language.

The disonance of reality is quelmed by the consonance of amiability.

A common belief.

Providing comfort.



Ignorance has no home within the residence of this connection.

Prejudice is silenced.

Preconception is ignored.

Within the walls of our cheeks.

Lies a hoard of pleasantries.




Within our throats, presence.


Unlimited Prowess.

To be different is to be liberated from the restraints of self-consciousness.

For those who are strong enough to endure ridicule and mistreatment.

Through torment and wrath.

Hatred and Ignorance.

Persecution and Rejection.

There lies another.

Who has experienced the same torment.

The same rejection.

Who has shed the same tears.

And bled the same blood.

Their fates aligned.

A link.

A common language.

A common ancestor.

A bond.

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