Tue, 09/05/2017 - 09:30 -- Omotayo

I hold the power to create and destroy,

My presence brings peace and joy,

I do more harm than good in my absence,

I am capable of bringing down God's presence.


I am oneness, togetherness and strength,

I am the source and power of every revolution,

My habitat sure isn't wrath,

I am the move of this generation.


Don't underestimate the power that I hold,

I am the success of every race,

No society can succeed without me,

This ain't pride as some of you suppose,

I am just too important to be ignored.


I am key to the Church,

I am basic to evangelism - the great commission,

I was the priority of the Apostles,

I am the work of the Holy Spirit,

I am the prayer of Christ.


If at this point you're still wandering what I a then you are not following because I am UNITY




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Our world
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