When I think of humanity I think of vulnurability. We humans find it hard to be real in fear of exposing too much of ourselves. In fear that someone might hurt us or even use our struggles against us. We hide behind what we want most people to see so that we feel protected- a real but edited presantation of our seemingly stable lives. When in reality, we all have struggles and deep heart-ache in our lives. Each and everyone one of us have things in our lives that effect us whether we know it or not. We are so worried about hiding our inner struggles that we don't see that that is the very thing that connects all of us together. If we just took a second to notice the scared smiles and timid interactions we would see that we are all afraid of being even more hurt. We are wired to encourage each other, to reach out and love each other in times of trouble which in humanitiy case is all the time. Though our struggles are different, they still persoanly tear us apart on the inside. So don't try so hard to hide and other people will do the same because all of us just want to be okay. All of us.


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