Her heart constricted in her chest, her head beginning to throb.

The feeling of burning hot tears slowly trickling down her cheeks as she refuses to cruble,

However, she couldn't deny the ocean blurying her vision, or the cotton beginning to stuff her sinuses.

Left out in the cold as she sat out, only being able to look in at what seemed to be someone else's lifetime recovery movie.

Rebuilding their life, rebuilding their "connections" with all but one person... That one person sitting out in the cold.

With hurt building in her chest, a fire of hurt was ignited,

But she's not surprised.

Now that she's gone, they took the opportunity to rebuild her own "family unit".

A unit that the young girl never knew.

And a unit that she seems will never become to know.

A unit that she's slowly becoming to resent.

The resentment, the hurt, the anger.

All that they refuse to see, as they see nothing past the concrete.


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