There she stood, an innocent little girl with the screams of madness swelling into her. “No, I refuse” she cried out, but the torture refused to come to a cease! The humans who were taught to become as pure as possible and put their hearts up to the sky all taunted her, kicking her and laughing endlessly. The bruises and blood stung her weak, numb body terribly, leaving stains of tears. Some questioned her reasoning for becoming this way, why she wouldn’t believe, but her throat was swollen from explaining countless reasons that they wouldn’t even care to perk their ears upon. She drowned herself in a pool of tears, until she was lead to a place where not even a peak of light could enter. The insanity raced through her cold veins like a wildfire, her mind swelled into her own ash pit! Her head burned with the countless thoughts of overcoming God and dictating this whole world into her own garden of those once feeble and hopeless souls to rise from the grave and grin at those pathetic Christians. She always knew that she could never conquer the impossible, but her imaginations became the best of her. One day a man dressed in red, with a smile so unique that it began to comfort her. Fire raised beneath his feet and he leaned down next to her, whispering in the sweetest voice “Anything is possible, darling.” She thought about that man constantly, then had the mind to fight back for once. She hid herself in the reaper’s heart, but the light shined for far too long and it was time to fight back! It was time for one more powerful, one who could overwhelm all that light and blanket it until the moon refused to say goodbye. She crept out of that one place she felt secure and charged into the sun’s ray with the sharpest blade in hand. She came to each and every angel with a devilish smirk, sinking her nails right into their chest and grasping their hearts right out of their bodies, laughing madly at the sound of bones cracking through those once pure souls. They all begged for mercy, surrendering and placing  a dark crown of thorns onto her head ever so delicately, seating her onto a throne of countless angel’s decayed bodies. Once she rose to her throne, the shining angels would smother in their own blood, pleading for help! This world will soon become her kingdom, with the most elegant and graceful of palaces, where ghouls and spirits would come to her with the love, finally free. The whole world will burst into a sculpture of dark beauty. The humans, they all fear her and fall to their knees at her presence! She took a small cross laying on the pile of angels and giggled playfully as she turned the cross upside down and gashed it into the skulls of the brightest of all angels, feeling the pressure against her hand as the skull was shriveled into pieces. The skies will mist upon the gloomy days, creating a peaceful mood. The fear would all end for those who have suffered in the past, the future became a complete hell for those who followed the one false thing as we all called Faith. She smiled at the perfect scene, her new world of the unholy, the ones who suffered once but nevermore! This whole world was plastered into a beautiful black rose. One, one young Christian approached her, with the innocent eyes, swollen and coated in tears. She turned her head and gave a vivid glare, one that made him shiver down his spine. The young Christian placed a small bible in her hand, resting it in the hands of the new ruler, the new unholy goddess. She smiled softly, then sank her nails deep into the pages and laughing wickedly, then thrust the book straight into the boy until he collapsed and fell straight to hell. She followed along, levitating herself down to hell and approached Satan, draining a knife down his throat and he fell to the floor, ashes and flames all building his grave. She soon leaped for the stars and stepped in front of God, the God that she ever so hated. God looked down to her with widened eyes, whispering “What ever might you do to my dear son?” Her smile became ever more brighter and her eyes darkened, then she grinded her teeth together before answering ever so excitingly “I'll hang Jesus on an unholy cross, the most grand you'll ever see. It'll be dressed delicately in pure, white roses. In this scene, I'll take God's heart and shove it down Jesus's throat, choking him to his last breath. Then I'll take Satan's pitch fork and carve deep into his body. His blood will all paint the roses into a beautiful crimson color.”  And with that, she did, right in front of the father of this disgraceful young man. Her veins rushed in pleasure as she heard the sweet ringing of the lord’s weeping and pleading. After all was said and done, she faced God and put this world in her gentle hands, securely. “You think me mad? Well I think you the villain.”  She finally said before she opened God mouth wide and terrifyingly, reaching down his throat for his heart and she pulled it out. She watched with a warm smile as the beatings faded. Everything was hers. Absolutely hers.


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