Unfortunately, This I Believe

Unfortunately, This I believe

I have a closet-belief, which is something I wish I didn’t believe, but as a matter of fact has it, it proves to be nothing other than true. It’s unfortunate, but I do. I believe that the second amendment is being raped, and the first one waits next in line (it’s like they got them backwards.) I believe in gun violence, but only because I’ve seen nothing else lately.

What is currently happening in Ferguson, Missouri is cookie cutter situation of what’s occurred countless other times across the nation. Itchy trigger finger is nothing new, but it forces us to question “How many deaths will it take before this is considered genocide” ("Lost Count, A Love Story")?. The worst part of all is that I feel like there’s nothing I can do being 1572 miles away. They say that crime doesn’t pay--what an interesting cliche, considering it was their job to serve and protect (it’s like they got it backwards). I guess, in some parallel universe a gun equates power--what’s that slang phrase for this: make it shower? Not even rain could wash away the blood on Ferguson P.D, no matter how much he pleads, Michael Brown is still D-E-A-D.

The only grip I believe worth tightening, is the grip of another human being; which is what protesters in Missouri have been doing. It’s unfortunate that police responded with tear gas; and of course, of course it’s not this black and white, but does feel like it’s black versus white, right? I watch the news like it’s 1963 (it’s like we’re going backwards)...


I wish I believed in fairies.



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