Unforgettable Serenity

I think of how you prefered the night.

You liked it because the streets were sound and hardly anyone was around.

It could be just us no distraction from the midday attractions.

Just you with your half smile a look that begged me to stay for a while and me with my half way glance that wanted nothing more but for our minds to dance.

And they did we’d talk about our ambitions and family traditions

For you, it was North Carolina and for I my Grandmother’s china

You spoke of college and how you were going to further your knowledge

I spoke of next semester and how time felt as if it would fester

You exclaimed to me how sophomore year was a constant bore

You stop and stare for you think that I am unaware of the hair cut you used to wear

how you kept to yourself put all you problems on a shelf

Focused on school and nothing else

I break the silence with a whisper of what and you claim that you must’ve forgot

Forgetful was your middle name it was a quirk that you wore with a friendly smirk

And a cloak of no shame and for this, I can and will never forget your name

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