Unfold and Bloom

Mon, 05/13/2013 - 19:50 -- NyiaJB


United States
42° 22' 43.464" N, 83° 11' 49.3836" W

Long brown hair,
Dark, frizzy and out of touch.
Long black lashes,
Glasses that covered her big brown eyes.

Tall and spindly.
Skin, pale and hypothermic,
Resting upon her bones.
Smiles filled with happiness.

Baggy, ripped blue jeans
Hanging from her thin waist.
Boys paid her no mind.

She concealed her chest with a flower covered white shirt,
Straps that showed off her lanky arms
Still, they paid her no mind.

Years passed.

Her hair flowed perfectly down her back,
Dark, wavy and a shine that caused wonders.
Long lashes inhabited her eyelids:
A shade to her big, beautiful brown eyes.

Long model-like legs, strong and smooth.
Skin that resembled a cashmere sweater,
Soft and dewy.
A Smile that could bring light to the darkest of caves.

Dressed in skin tight blue jeans,
Hugging her waist,
He wished he were those blue jeans.

Clothed in a bright blue shirt, hanging just past her shoulders,
In contact with the curves of her hips.
He dreamed he was that shirt.


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