Every word I say of you


Every tale I tell of you


Every moment spent with you


Every thought I think of you


Yet complete.


Love for what’s forgotten.

Between us etchings rough in stone.

My golden star

fallen from the night.

My silent thundercloud

My rainless storm.

The rhythm of all unheard things

And fading notes now rising.

Ever gone and always there.


Eyes seen light and dark,

Judging all and not at all.

Blackest night with amber sun.



The ancient steady oak

And youngest swaying willow.

Tang of cloves

And sound of cinnamon.

Of song as speech,

And speech as song.

Woven in the depths of time,

Your words to me a healing poison

Slipped deep beneath the skin.





Blackened strands of lightest brown,

Bent forever to chaos’s order,

The sanity insanity.


Every thought of you

A priceless gem,

At which I clutch with desperate hands

And hold close to my heart,

Until it fades from me.


Your mind is not my own.

I do not understand,

Bent calmly to the harness.

I cannot comprehend the stillness,


As the wild hart

Observes the cart horse,

I do not understand.

Your life is not my own.










I love your poem so much! <3 My favorite line is "Your words to me a healing poison" I love it, it explains something I'm going through right now as well. I also really like all the comparing and contrasting shown in this poem. I love the part about my rainless storm and silent thundercloud. Keep writing, you are so talented!

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