The Unfiltered Life


I live the unfiltered life.
I may sometimes be lonely,
But at least I am me!
At least I know who I am.
I can look in the mirror
And see my face,
Unmasked, uncovered.
How many of you can say that?
I look into my reflection,
Fearless of what I may see.
Why should I be ashamed of my flaws?
I am exactly what I was created to be.
However, I was not always this way.
My days were spent in misery.
I used to hide behind black and gray.
If I covered myself, I could cover the pain.
Black lined my eyes,
In makeup and tired, dark circles.
Stripes of hurt lined my thighs,
Covered by long pants.
The bullies made me this way,
They made me a worthless wretch.
Until one day I looked at myself —
Truly, looked at myself.
I realized that girl was not me.
That was not who I wanted to be.
The pain I felt was real,
But the image was not.
It was time to stop faking it.
With a wipe, my mask was gone.
My face was there, staring.
I smiled, and it smiled too.
So this is what it's like,
To be real.
This is what it is to
Stop hiding what I feel.
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