Her movements mock my own,

The hard light making her flaws shine.

Our eyes connect in a stare: beginning and ending simultaneously.





We see each other the way no one else does,

Separate we seem averagely perfect.

Together we are flawed: 

She is flawed.

I turn away, and she is gone.


I see her again,

Every time I pick up a pen. 

We are different while we write,

Our ideas are give us a fright.

Once I let go of the pen,

We were okay again.


She and I meet when a song comes on,

To the beat we both move along.

We sing off key,

We move in a goofy dance,

Just being happy.

The song ends abruptly,

She disappears swiftly.


I see her once I start reading.

Her eyes dart across the pages,

She reacts at all of the stages. 

Once I close the book,

She is gone before I can even look.




She and I, we meet only at certain times, for certian reasons. I hope you enjoy her.

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