Lonely nights sitting in my room
An unfamiliar place so I hardly ever move
The whole time I’m thinking... God I miss home
Wear a smile on my face like there’s nothing wrong
Everybody thinks that I’m living it up
But if things aint what they seem
I may be giving it up
Of course I knew success would come with tough days
But no one told me I would be stuck in a rough phase
I turn the page, another chapter in my book
Busy writing poems so focused on how it looks
Cause my brain thinks backwards so it depends on how it’s took
Analyzing my surroundings, looking at people that should be shook
So hard to understand me, so my pencil comes in handy
My words tell a story, hoping that they can defend me
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Deep. I know how you feel.


Omg I'm a sophomore in highschool and this really speaks to me on such a personal level.


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