Unfair Selection


Is it any wonder,

Why it's hard to wake up.

The repetitive mornings,

What do we have to look forward to?

Everyday is the same.

A monotonous environment

No spontaneity. 

Would it hurt to make school interesting?

You take a beautiful idea of learning,

And turn it into tests and deadlines.

Our intelligence based on a letter grade.

That essentially decides our future.

Is it any wonder why we're stressed out?

Students are like different creatures.

All with different strengths.

We all have our weaknesses.

Yet we are graded on the same scale,

So we can be "fairly" selected.

It's like a fish is rejected

Because it can't climb a tree.

Even if it's good at swimming.

But the monkey can easily excel.

So tell me,

Is it really "fair"?

I personally love learning.

There's joy in learning about the world.

To learn your interests for the heck of it.

Not to pass your tests.





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