Nothing seems to be going as planned

No matter how hard I try it's never good enough

Though i'm surrounded by people  it often feels as though i'm alone

Nobody seems to understand how hard it is  to express   my emotions

It seems like i can't do anything right  cause  someone's always mad at me

Though i smile and laugh during the day I often cry in my room at night

Years of bullying from those around me has led me to hate myself

Everyone but me seems to think they know who I am and it's frustrating

I'm tired of everyone else deciding what i'm capable of rather than listening to me

There's some days i'm downright miserable and i just can't explain it

Feeling such extreme emotions is extremely overwhelming at times

Society says I have no emotions when in reality I experience way too many

No matter how hard i try i can't seem to express myself the words never form quite right


This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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