Fri, 10/13/2017 - 00:13 -- Akizer

When I see you, the light I feel in the corners of my mind turn to day and lit up is the thoughts of anticipation that your lips may touch mine and the world will once again make love to the sun. Why I cannot explain these occurencces that will not cease...You are an ephiphany, theory that cannot be explained but proven. Can I test this? Touch me.....I feel that if too close our affection will combust and fragments will fall upon the face and the perfect iamge of adam and eve will become man. This, it's unexplainable, how your eyes hold the secrets of my life I have yet to search but mine look up and down your body to peak curiosity...hoping I'll reach yours. Appreaction is what you are. Like God blessed me with this I am careful to not let you fall...I'm falling for you. In my prayers, I lay myself to sleep hoping that the almighty will hold my soul to keep why don't you hold me and...you do. That if I shall die before I wake the death of my vessel was not in vain but for the satisfaction that love will be preserved. You are my psalms...150 chapters of pure joy. Each verse I apply it to this, us I cannot let go. Verse after verse you feed into me like Jesus did with 2 fshes and 5 loaves you taught me how to release my anger into the wind and bear my cross boldly with this I profess my heart. I wonder to myself is this a dream with a cruel ending, to where I wake up to nothingness. But I feel the warm ambiance of flesh...your coco butter skin craddles me...relief I feel. Silently I'm thanking Him. Canvases that paint the minf, passion bleeds from the pen and your art chooses the fingerprints of brokeness to create something...flawed but viewed perfect. Hummingbird sing to me the sorrow of our past heartbreaks that as we conform into one the angels will sing a new song to baptize us into forgiveness. Santification of mind you make my thoughts unpure but heaven applauds the commandments we took. Our wedding...vows exchanged to never depart until death makes its call and seal with a kiss...I do. But until this moment, I confess the reasons as to why I am able to breathe again and universe can remain at peace within my soul. You are love. 

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