Unexpected Journies


Normality.  Let that sink in.

Awaking at six o’clock to earn credits for a diploma, it’s normal.

Devouring Lucky Charms praying that you won’t miss your bus,

It’s normal.  Shouting farewell to your loved ones knowing you’ll see them again

By two o’clock, it’s all normal.  The normality of life diverts us from the fact that life can

Take us for a ride, an unexpected journey.


Summer is the prime culprit.

The delicious devil welcoming its victims into unknown mischievous

Mishaps that will only arise after midnight.  You take a risk plunging into the sun’s

Seductive embrace trusting that you won’t scorch in its grip when you can’t handle the heat.

But normality.  Collectively we emerge out of the cheerful pit of happiness once the trees

Begin to turn orange, red, and yellow.

Or so I thought.


Normality chewed me up and spit me out into its dark pit of an unexpected journey.

Normality struck me with a wooden club as it pummeled through the blue hues of my pulse.

Normality laughed at my imprudent enthusiasm at dusk when August became crisp.

Normality transformed into unexpected journey and stole the last breath of an angel.


An unexpected journey grabbed hold of my sanity and threw me upon the floor.

It watched me beg for the Man of Miracles to extend yet one more mercy.

It situated me in a nightmare and said, “Daniel is dead”.


I long for the day of understanding and acceptance.

I yearn for my appetite to be satisfied.

But it will never go away because normality is an unexpected journey.

We cannot prevent this turmoil, but we can acquire the skill of acceptance.


When an unexpected journey slithers into the cracks of your being,

And you think that the adversary himself has planted a kiss on your cheek,

Shout, “Plot twist,” and depart.  Life changes.  Salute the change and

Most notably, stay positive.






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