An Unexpected Gift

Tue, 10/02/2018 - 12:24 -- lisar19


208 dungarven loop
United States

Six sparkling crystals fell to the floor

The tiara was more crushed than before

Fear struck the chords of her heart

How could she fix the tiara that had fallen apart

Then an idea struck

There was one who could fix the tiara in such a rush

So she dashed to the room where her guiding star was

And when she relayed the story with all of her heart

He took a pair of pliers and fixed that mangled piece of art

And a sense of joy and thankfulness filled her heart

Thankfulness for the kindness he had shown

Thankfulness for the advice that helped her grow

Thankfulness for lending his ear through her highs and lows

but most importantly

thankfulness for pointing back to the Savior she had always known

And because of the love the guiding star had shown

The girl and the tiara were more beautiful than before


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