Unexpected Complications

Young and lonely young girl stuck with her head in her chest soul leaking through here face.    

confused lost and not understanding why .

she had giving herself to him behind the bus ,

she naively allowed him to invite his friends.

Young girl struggling with outer beauty , fighting to change from with in.

:Silly woman clashing with all your friends you make me laugh your thoughts are mad, 

but hey , tough silly young lonely girl your unespected gift that is kept tucked away in your womb

can not be tucked it will come forth soon, proud young girl trading purity for fools golden love .

Now you have a child a little baby boy and you think that little man is a toy

Thinking you deserve a life , no this is not a game you have no redo's

 deal with it bite the bullet !! deal  

are you like men!? 

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