The Underworld's Living Love

As we all can remember, Hades was never one to give a favor,

but Persephone was different, the whole world he would have gave her.

The night he saw her dancing at the bar, around her legs her pink dress was twirling,

he felt something different in his heart, the way a hurricane starts swirling.

As a man who never felt fear before, he was afraid to appraoch her,

his mind turned to mush and his vision a bit of a blur.

How can I do this, he questioned his mind,

how could he talk to this beauty without going blind?

The noise of the room became a gentle buzz in the back,

he approached her, with all of his confidence that he can truly lack.

To his surprise, she was an easy talk,

she was sweet and kind and invited him to a walk.

Down the streets of L.A. now did they stride,

without a second thought, he asked her to be his bride.

Much to her surprise, she felt the need to say yes,

her mother and sisters helping her days later to find the perfect dress.

Don't you feel rushed or scared someone would ask,

of course not, she said, her happiness could not be masked.

The ceremony was small and quaint and dear,

the wedding bells being all anyone could hear.

He brought her home where the souls moan and groan,

welcoming her as his Queen and offering her a grand throne.

Gladly, she accepted and ruled did she strongly,

the sad souls gathering and crying throngly.

The King and Queen have their ups and downs,

and that is the story, and yes we know how it sounds.


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