In your presence, the cold wind of love breaks the shackles in me.
Your webb of love warms me, each and every infinitesimal time.
Scars of love infiltrates my soul anytime you smile.
I suffer bitter-sweet moments, in completing breathing phases.
You are formidable, you are hard-nosed they say,
Love cannot be measured, but if I'm to put a unit to mine, 99% will do.
I will die and rise again, and again, and again just to have undying, immortal moments with you.
A virtuous and an upright woman,
None can find like you.
Loving you is being there for your cute head, to rest on my pillar-shoulders.
Loving you is carrying you like a baby, escaping the worries of life, just because of the special place only you provide.
Your love, the love of the gods.
You are my strength and weakness
So beware of the power you exert over me
For I am under your spell; crystal clear as can be.
Whenever you're near; my brain slips out of joint
An epitome of undiluted love is what you are.

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