As i'm standing here
I hope you're under me
Know where i come from,
Meaning is where I ponder thee
Wonder is frustration
So lets get back to the basics
But you aren't basic, so complexity we have to embrace
What about that bracelet, Do you mind if I risk it
Is your heart pouring out so i can rise it up like a biscuit
You saw me as a square, but a broken Trisquit
I advise you not to bite but you got a handful as I hand you love
You said baby I don't understand you
You don't get it yet
It comes later did you receive it yet
It's my allegations, address it to the nation
This is where war meets comfort
Ya passion in your heart is all you need for your armour
City burn through the minds of the weak but never conquered
And when we want them to understand, we always facing your honor
So I ponder, am i worth three words?
Did I need a concept so you can understand my norm?
Do I need a fixed position to not be moved by swords?
It's only nautical like the shirt we all use to wore.


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