In this world there aren't winners and losers
Just sitters and doers 
And as we enter this universe 
We are the choosers of if we win or not
Some people seem like they're winning by sitting 
Or by making a false unfair living
But at the end of the day those who win are the driven
And that's not always a given 
So live your life in a way that's not about blue ribbons 
But about being strong helping the world get along
And remember it doesn't matter how many people say it's right what's wrong is wrong
Some people just come and go in this thing called life
Some people leave the earth worst off and that's not right
Be the one who changes thing and changes it for the better
Money and fame fade, but a legacy of love lasts forever
Stop glorifying and glamorizing the celebrity facade
Because all they do is sing rap dance or act, that does not make them a God
Their talent is their talent or maybe lack thereof
And your talent is special too if you do what you love 
So to those who are so called winners cuz they lave looks and fans 
Winning might be ending if you don't have a change of plans 
And a foundation that's more important than how you look in a bikini
Or your provocative antics begging the world "please see me"
And to those who are real winners but the world is calling you loser
The ones who feel used by society saying you can only win if you're users 
Don't think you have to just submit to a lesser role
Because you are just as valuable as the next persons soul 
In fact you might be capable to do even more than they do
They might have a following but people honestly respect you 
For more than your bod, or your account, or who you know
Celebrity or not, honey you can steal the show 
Don't sit around waiting for your life to pick up
Steal the worlds heart, yeah this is a stick up
But peaceful and kind
We will actually use our mind
Underdogs, with more power even in our pinky
So when people underestimate us I'm like "what were you thinking?"
World changers game changers, the realest winners 
The ones who will do life right and go beyond far 
So stand up all my underdogs, or as I call it understars 


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