An Understanding is Needed


I want someone to look me in the eyes and tell me

That they've never fallen victim to a stereotype. 

Whether they were the one stereotyped, or 

The one stereotyping another.

You see both ways you're a victim of the system. 

You've given in the what they want you to think,

Either you're the one being defined without your consent,

Or you’ve just lost your own right to meet some pretty dope people.

All because you let the color of skin, the preconceived notions of a religion, gender identity, the way somebody dresses, sexual orientation, preference on tattoos or piercings, and anything that strays

from the straight edge cisgender heterosexual christian white male kind of life. 


Stereotypes burn. 

They degrade not just a culture or a group, but they inhibit our ability to progress. 


Even when there’s no problem we have to have a scapegoat,

We have to judge and place blame on somebody because it’s their fault that life isn't fair.

As soon as the box’s edge has been bent and the mold no longer holds it shape,

We must find someone to blame.

Whether it’s:

The Blacks with their guns and saggy pants and offensive rap music.

The Hispanics or should I say Mexicans, because apparently there’s no other type and they're all illegal.

The Muslims clearly predisposed to violence and terrorism.

The Asians and of course I mean only Chinese because there’s clearly no other kind

The Feminists with their man-hating, bitchy attitudes.


The queers of all kind infiltrating the world with their perverted rainbow of equality. 


I look around in this vast ocean of love and hatred we call the world, 

I see other people like me, but I feel no connection, because their minds are so closed 

I cant seem to fit in. 

That even though we appear to have the same skin there’s more than what meets the eye and 

If they would scan this vast ocean with clean eyes and 

A telescope without a filtered lens.

Then maybe they would join me and all the others in embracing what is a Basic Human Right: 

Not to be stereotyped. 


Behind every Skin Color, Gender, Religion, Sexual Orientation, and Lifestyle choice is a person.

And they also have rights. 

So next time you judge, take a moment and reverse the roles. 

How does it feel to be judged? 

Now shut up and sit down and look past whatever preconceived notion about them you have 

and give them a fair shot. 

Chances are they're way cooler than you. 

So just listen to them and let that stereotype slowly dissolve into love and acceptance.

We’re the ones perpetuating this insane way of life.

It’s within are grasp to stop it, but first you have to start opening your mind 

And clearing your vision.

By seeing past who you are perceived to be,

And who others are told to be. 

So start looking inside and don’t stay so closed in. 

You're the one missing out.


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