I was walking that day and I saw that little girl.

Beautiful. Happy. Smiling, totally perfection but how could I know?

How could I notice? She was dying? And all I could say was why?

Why does cancer exist? Why does it take a little girls life

How can something consume you from inside so suddenly?

From your bones to the bloodstream flowing through your body

That dark- satanic monster lurking in the darkness waiting for its next victim

But why are they younger each time, killing faster and more satisfactory

Life is full of surprises but your life ending

in less then a month is something more than tragic


“Hold my hand and don’t let go” she said I replied with a fast not-really-thinking

“Yes”, yes that at that moment I was her hope, the light through a dark tunnel

The last sweet strawberry she’ll be biting before the winter came

The last sunset on the sky she was seeing before the night swallowed it once again

And I gripped her hand

Not to tight or to loose, just enough to let her know I was there

For a second I could feel every muscle in her body stopping

& I glance at her motionless, resting, last gasping body


I couldn’t respond but I knew that she was gone

The beautiful awaken princess is finally asleep

And my tears are falling with fast past memory-flashes

It felt like an eternity until the nurses came in and confirmed that she was gone

But why don’t they tell me something that I don’t already know


Another angel is rising to the skies above

Because there is still not a cure, from the monster lurking within

But my question is how many more precious little souls have to die

For us to find the anecdote to save them from the monster under their skin 



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