I can't drown my feelings. 
They know how to swim.
I push them down, I lock them in.
They claw the ground.
The walls are thin.
They break the chains keeping them within. 
And they run under my skin, this pain hurts. 
They crawl out my eyes, and drain my mind.
My soul is strong but my heart has gone.
I do my best, to keep moving on.
I did my work, I've mapped the land.
I walk to my ride while watching the people die.
I take my leave though I feel so left behind.
I leave it all as the bodies fall.
I must flee from this place.
I go without a trace.
I've been dead a while on the inside, a walking corpse.
Don't try to save me now.
I don't need your help.
You can beg and plead.
It just means you’ll continue to bleed.
There's no use in crying, when everyone around us is dying.
I'm the heartless soul that walks alone.


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