The Underground

Mon, 07/24/2017 - 21:27 -- Lohgann

"Rapunzel, Rapunzel let down your hair," they said. 

No one ever told me to let down my hair...

Do you wanna know why?

I will tell you why they never thought my hair was pretty enough. 

It was "too dark,", "too coarse,", or "too hard to manage." 

I was taught to hate my hair, to hate who I am, and to praise Eurocentric features. 

That day when I saw Rapunzel skipping through the woods I had to snatch her.

 I snatched her thinking maybe just maybe...

they would let go of this idea that "white girls do it better" 

Everyone loved this girl with long blonde hair, but they turned up their noses at my mane. 

Well, today is the last day that I will stand for it. 

I chopped Rapunzel's hair off, cast a spell on her and turned her black. 

Next time she tried to skip around that black children were taught self-hatred...

by these people who praise Eurocentric features.

She would know. 

She would know my pain. 

She would know how hard it was on this journey of loving myself. 

Trying to fight their opinions, that began to turn into your thoughts.

I am black, I am a woman, and I'm tired of people acting oblivious. 

You do not know my pain.

You do not know my people's pain. 

But instead of denying our struggle, why don't you try and listen to us. 

I know some of us may be difficult. 

I believe that when you talk to the other, or someone who is different from you 

we begin to see change. 

Whether that is a change of heart or a change of perspective. 

I am tired. 

And we need a change. 

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