Under the Wolfs Gaze

A simple walk was all it should've been

The breeze blowing

The trees whispering 

The birds singing

A simple walk it was


A simple walk was not what they intended

The breeze hushed

The trees silent

The birds mourning

A simple walk it was not


A simple walk when they crossed paths

The breeze whisteled

The trees howled

The birds shaking

A simple walk that happened


Eyes lingered on forbidden places

Eyes stared on anything but

Eyes eagerly eating

Eyes covering crying







Under the gaze of the Wolf

The rabbits heart quickens

Under the gaze of the Wolf

The rabbits mind races


Nothing to be heard but what the eyes said

Nothing to be learned but what the eyes taught

A fear instilled into the rabbit

Lucky to have gotten out unscathed


The breeze was blowing

The trees were whispering

The birds were singing


A simple walk was what it should've been

A simple walk it was not. 


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