Unstable I remain, underneath the surface.  Nothing is safe and innocent now.Darkness is reclaiming this world, as I search for a visual sign.Eyes roaming the surrounding water. Rough currents that keep me cooped. To the cooling sway of life.Handling the freezing emptiness.Exhaling my engulfed and dangerous past. Within the ocean's breath, I find a future.A current to pull me deeper.The endless sea, the mesmerising moon in the night sky.Each minute passes, in which all is contemplated.Rage boiling and time wasted.'n' at that moment of time, there was an instant glitter.Something gave, a clear light seemed to shine in the distance. Suddenly, it vanished.Undoings that had been forgotten, reappearing.Relentlessly I succumbed to the remaining confining thoughts.Falling continuously, I realise there was never a light.And all that I hoped to be was gone, dissolved in hopelessness.Conjoining with the heartless sea.Engulfing in my self-made world. I am going off the beaten path. Shaped from nothingness, the world I am in will die.Till the end of my days, my soul will be my only shell. And I shall melt within my surrounding.Youthful, yet shattered. Forgetting life's pleasantness.Observing my own gruesome snakeskin shedding.Reequipping my armour for this universe.Excluded and decidedly inhuman I feel.Vexed towards the darkness, light reveals the world.Enticed by the water and the sky, I expand my heart.Ripping myself to shreds to survive. 

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